Started in 2009, Rainmakers of New Jersey was created by local professionals to provide a forum for networking and other business building pursuits. Rainmakers of New Jersey encourages an on-going and open exchange of information, ideas and other activities to help promote the success of each member.

Rainmakers of New Jersey meets in Bridgewater (Somerset County) the third Tuesday of each month. Meetings are carefully organized for maximum productivity, including the exchange of new business leads and other valuable information. Members enjoy category exclusivity to avoid any conflicts of interest as ideas are shared and points of view expressed.

Rainmakers of New Jersey also hosts special “social” events throughout the year to add even greater value to the networking process. Members are encouraged to invite outside guests who represent other businesses and organizations in the Somerset County area.

Rainmakers of New Jersey…an integral networking resource committed to strengthening the businesses of its members.

Interested in becoming a member or sponsoring an event?

Who Are We?

The premier business leads organization in Central New Jersey, bringing together experienced professionals to help grow their respective businesses. We provide a forum for networking and related business building activities.

Why Us?

Members are carefully chosen based on their industry expertise, and they enjoy the benefit of category exclusivity that eliminates conflicts of interest. Contact us if you’re interested in possibly joining.

How we help

Events are held several times during the year throughout Central New Jersey. Meetings occur on the third Monday of every month. Check our calendar for updates on upcoming events.